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Nikolas Zalonis is a Greek chef, born in Athens in January 1991. He specialises in Greek, Spanish, Italian and British cuisines, and his knowledge, skill, and talent have earned him the prestigious rank of Head Chef.

Nikolas’s love of cooking and entertaining comes from both his mother’s and grandmother’s kitchens, and from his desire to recreate the wonderful dishes they prepared there.

When he started his culinary career Nikolas was curious to learn how to use even a single ingredient, as simple as a potato, to create unique dishes - defining this curiosity and experimentation as “the art of cooking”.


After his training, Nikolas started working in a professional kitchen, over a decade ago now, before travelling the world to expand his culinary knowledge.

At the beginning of his career, everything Chef Nikolas Zalonis needed to know about running an efficient, organised, and profitable kitchen was learnt hands-on, working alongside top chef Athanasios Kotsis - an executive chef who was in charge of a 5-star hotel in Rhodes.

Today, Nikolas owns a catering company in Glasgow called Pinch of Taste, which is loved by many loyal customers. Chef  Nikolas Zalonis opened "Pinch of Taste - The Patisserie" in Dennistoun, Glasgow in March 2022, with ambitions to achieve his first Michelin Star.

Nikolas Zalonis

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The Chef
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Chef Nikolas Zalonis welcomes you to "Pinch of Taste - The Patisserie" in Dennistoun, Glasgow.


With a variety of fresh-made desserts on a daily basis Pinch of Taste aims to create a stir with local gastronomes. 

 "Pinch of Taste -The Patisserie" will use only organic and best-quality ingredients such as Valrhona Chocolates and products from local suppliers. 

The Restaurant
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